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Fairfield Selectman Cristin McCarthy Vahey, MSW, was elected to Fairfield’s Representative Town Meeting in 2005, where she was elected by her party to serve as Deputy Moderatorand Minority Leader. She received her party’s annual Denise Dougiello Young Turk award in 2010 for her leadership on local, state and federal campaigns, and in 2011 was elected to the Fairfield Board of Selectmen, receiving the highest number of votes for that position town-wide.

As a social worker, mother, community volunteer and elected official, Cristin’s priorities have been keeping children and families healthy, safe and strong, and meeting the needs of a diverse socio-economic community. In addition to her work at Casey Family Services with older youth in foster care to help them achieve permanence through adoption, she has held leadership roles in the League of Women Voters, Girl Scouts, PTA and her church community. As co-chair of Fairfield Cares Community Coalition, Cristin has become a certified suicide prevention trainer and works with the coalition to prevent suicide as well as substance use among teens.

Cristin re-energized Fairfield’s efforts to create a bike and pedestrian master plan and permanent standing committee for the town. Working collaboratively to bring together the Departments of Health and Public Works, law enforcement, and business, she and the committee have created a more accessible community for all its residents: youth, seniors, commuters, non-drivers, and sports enthusiasts. She led efforts to create a Shoveling for Seniors program for senior citizens in need of winter assistance.

As a Selectman, Cristin has supported investments in education, the public library, partnerships with local non-profits providing vital services to the entire community, and green energy enhancements for the town. She collaborated with Fairfield Police and local volunteers in the creation the newly formed Juvenile Review Board to help keep at-risk youth out of the penal system, and the town’s Human Services Department to develop services for seniors. Most recently, she advocated for a new position for Fairfield’s Senior Center.

While expanding the role of Selectman, Cristin continues to be a consummate community volunteer, living her passion for helping young people achieve success and keeping families safe. She serves as classroom volunteer, leads a group of high school girls in leadership and philanthropy efforts, and supports non-profit agencies including The Center for Family Justice and Operation Hope of Fairfield whose critical services support the most vulnerable in the community.

Educated at the University of Notre Dame (BA Economics and Government) and the University of Washington (MSW), Cristin has been married for almost 20 years to her husband Brian, a US Navy veteran. She and Brian share the joy of raising 3 children ages 7 to 15, all in the Fairfield Public Schools.

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